Learn how to protect your WhatsApp conversations with a password

Learn how to protect your WhatsApp conversations with a password
Learn how to protect your WhatsApp conversations with a password

Seeing someone else’s WhatsApp chats is illegal and immoral. However, this does not prevent it from being very common and how to protect your WhatsApp conversations with a password.

It seems to be pointless to the (dubious) privacy policies and encryption system that enabled WhatsApp to protect the content of user conversations if someone we know seized and unlocked our mobile phone and began to see the content of our conversations.

If we want to avoid this from a jealous partner or coworkers, we can always turn to apps like Locker for Whats Chat, which will allow us to protect our personal conversations and groups with a password, thus avoiding violating our privacy, and the ensuing problems that can happen due to snooping on Our mobile phones, as recommended by the Spanish site El Mundo .

Protect your WhatsApp conversations step by step

The first thing you should do is open the Play Store and download the Locker for Whats Chat app. There are also similar programs like Chat Lock for Whatsapp, which work almost the same way.

After you open it, the app will ask you for a four-digit password (twice) that you must enter to protect WhatsApp messages. You will also be asked for an account recovery email.

Once you do, we will be asked to grant access permissions to the application. Upon approval it will automatically take us to the accessibility menu.

From this menu, we must select the application name and select the option to use the service.

At this point, we set our phones to be able to choose which chats and groups we want to password protect. To do this, we need to select the «+» icon in the bottom right corner of the screen and select the chats that we want to protect with a password.

That way, when someone opens our WhatsApp, and tries to open the conversations we have specified, the application will ask for the password, and if it does not, it will not be able to read the content of the conversations.

How to skip WhatsApp password

Learn how to protect your WhatsApp conversations with a password

The application works in a very simple and efficient way. However, if we aspire to real insurance, it is necessary to make some additional adjustments.

As we already know, this app protects WhatsApp chats with a password. However, it is not a comprehensive security system.

In the case of particularly sensitive chats that we want to protect, it will be necessary to deactivate this contact’s notifications. This way, if someone checks our phone, they won’t be able to use notifications to read WhatsApp that we haven’t read yet.

Even with this precaution, there is still an additional way to access WhatsApp messages that we haven’t seen yet.

To do this, we must long press somewhere on the home screen and a small menu will be displayed.

We then select the Widgets option and search until we find WhatsApp, which will give us an introductory session in reverse chronological order for all messages sent to us, without having to open WhatsApp and successfully circumvent the encryption system.

However, this vulnerability will only affect messages that the phone owner has not yet read.

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